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The Triptych
Solid State Records

The Triptych–Demon Hunter’s third studio release–was really the album where I began to warm up to the group, began looking at them as more than just another Solid State band. Before then, I was pretty much “meh” about them, considering Demon Hunter a weak copy of Slipknot at best. But, some time in November of 2005, I had to borrow my parents’ car, and since they had, let’s just say, some different musical tastes than mine, I stopped by the Hasting’s and grabbed the first metal CD I could find that I knew I didn’t own yet for the drive ahead of me, which turned out to be The Triptych.

At first I thought, “Well, it’ll be better than nothing, I guess.” Better than Bobby Vinton’s Greatest Hits, at least. But, when I popped it in the CD player, and the atmospheric choral strains of “The Flame That Guides Us Home” intro led into the bombast of “Not I”, I realized that this was not what I was expecting.

I mean, yes, this was what you would call “metalcore”, and yes, it does have the standard tag-team of Brutal Vocals/Melodic Singing, but instead of whiny emo-style singing that keeps me from enjoying the METAL by other bands, the singing manages a kind of melancholia that inspires a brooding ponderance of the lyrics. Overall, striking a good balance between anger and sorrow.

My absolute favorites off of this album happen to be the afore-mentioned “Not I” (I would splice the song with “The Flame That Guides Us Home” for the full effect when I played it on NECRO SHOCK RADIO), “Undying”, the sombre and reflective “Deteriorate”, and their cover of Prong’s “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck”, but overall The Triptych is a good, solid listen of alternative metal back-to-back. If anything, the melodic singing reminds me of the band HIM, to give you an idea of what’s going on. Probably why this appeals to me more than your standard metalcore band.

The Triptych is the album that made me give Demon Hunter another look. I recommend you give it a listen.