JESUS FREAKS - Socially Unacceptable
Socially Unacceptable

For a while there, it was a complete obsession of mine (and countless others, I’m certain)- find a Christian thrash band that sounds as close to Metallica as possible. While not exactly of the mindset that Christians shouldn’t listen to secular music whatsoever (been there, done that, got over my self-righteousness), I did find a couple that came darn close to emulating the mainstream metal band I loved so much…before they released Load and started suing their own fan base, that is.

Jesus Freaks, I should point out, had that name long before DC Talks-Too-Much decided to co-opt it as a title of one of their own albums. Thanks to them, I couldn’t even mention the band without having some CCM freak proclaim giddily “Ooooooh, I looooooove DC Talk!” You could imagine how dangerously close they came to physical pain. Anyway, for a while there, Jesus Freaks did sound uncannily close to Ride The Lightning-era Metallica. Their 1993 EP, Socially Unacceptable, is a six-song helping of blistering thrash metal, lightning fast and heavy. As with a name like Jesus Freaks, there comes a level of expectation for the lyrics. They are for the most part very strongly and blatantly Christian, with the exception of “D. U. I.”, which recounts the tale of a drunk driving accident. The lyrics on all are a bit cheesy, but it’s metal. What did you expect, really?

Pity they only released one CD (and an EP, for that matter) before they reverted to more of a down-tuned “alterna-metal” sound on their follow-up full length. I would have gone for more thrash, but oh well…