JESUS JOSHUAH 24:15 - 3 The Hard Way
3 The Hard Way
Soul Joy Records

When I hit play and the first song, “By God”, was about halfway through, I was almost immediately ready to write this band off as another in a long line of youth group inspired, “edgy-but-safe” hard rock bands with delusions of adequacy. As I forced myself to keep listening, though, I realized that my first impression was wrong. Jesus Joshua 24:15 is actually a fairly decent groove-based hard rock band from North Carolina that could stand a bit of spit-and-polish in a number of areas. Okay, quite a bit of spit-and-polish.

The music is very good, with crunchy guitars and a solid rhythm that anchors the hooks very well. Although, to be honest, the production muddles things up a bit here and there, especially with the drums (the snare is the most prominent heard, which has a tendency to detract from the flow). I would suspect that might have something to do with home recording; from what I’ve gleaned on the net, the boys built their own studio, and overall the quality is still better than most home-recorded albums I’ve heard. The vocals, while adequate and befitting the general tone of the music, lacks that certain passion that could have knocked the music out of the ballpark. Like I said, spit-and-polish.

Lyrically, the boys keep things strongly and simply Biblical, without coming off as completely campy. Overall, I would say that Jesus Joshua 24:15 has the potential to make an impact in the Christian hard music scene, like Bride and Disciple before them.