kekal - embrace the dead
Embrace The Dead
Flesh Walker Records

If I have my facts correct, Embrace The Dead is the follow-up to the previous Beyond The Glimpse Of Dreams. I can’t recall if this is their second or third release, though, but such facts are inconsequential to the review, really. I just like being anal about these things is all.

Embrace The Dead is a hit or miss collection of black metal that has more in common with Mayhem and Horde than the recent wave of black metal from Emperor, Vaakeval-something and Crimson Moonlight. While I am a fan of the style, I must admit that I find the music and the vocals at times more annoying than brutal. The production may have a bit to do with that, but mostly it sounds like the vocalist is gargling with cement. The lyrics, however, are well-written with almost a poetic quality to them. An Ecclesiastical trip through the world God created and man has corrupted: from “Embrace The Dead” – “A nature of mankind, we are dead since birth / Unaware to the reality that we’ve sinned / Knowledge and wisdom have been cleared from our minds / All lead to consequence of eternal destruction / Merciful God really feels all our pain / Yes He cries when we cry / He is hurt when we are hurt / I will not let this happen, My love will protect you / From the hell that is approaching.”

Like I said, some superb lyrical musings stuck with music that either works at times, and doesn’t other times. Good, but not necessarily for those who aren’t established fans of the Indonesian band…