Living Sacrifice - Living Sacrifice
Living Sacrifice
R. E. X. / Solid State
1991 / 1999

Straight-up thrash. Another CD that receives massive amounts of playtime in my player. Most who know Living Sacrifice only through ‘Reborn’ may not get into their debut release much, but for those longing for more speed and thrash-oriented metal in the vein of classic Slayer and ‘Kill ‘Em All’-era Metallica, ‘Living Sacrifice’ is something you don’t want to pass up. And, thanks to Solid State Records, it’s possible to check this (what many feel to be a) classic out again. Don’t pass this up.

The vocals are growly, yet discernible. The lyrics are, for the most, technical yet easy to figure out. This is one of the CDs that I play around my black metal satanist friends, and it always gets the “horned fist salute of approval” from them. If they are into reading the lyrics, it’s a great discussion starter as well. Very good evangelical tool. That, and the album always leaves me with a warm, fuzzy feeling not too many Christian metal bands do.