kohllapse - distant mind alternative1 kohllapse - distant mind alternative2
Distant Mind Alternative
Independent / Soundmass
1999 / 2005

Originally released independently in 1999, and then re-released with different artwork and packaging through Soundmass in 2005, Australian band Kohllapse’s second full-length release is a multi-layered collection of dark, atmospheric and haunting music that has its roots firmly in doom metal, but also stretches out to include thick elements of industrial, gothic rock, and prog. The overall mood of the CD is heavy, dark and somber, the lyrics a reflection of the sound, being on the introspective and existential side of Christian thought. And while this melancholic mixture alone would make for a good listen, it’s the vocals that really push things into the “fantastic” area. Very dark, haunting, almost Peter Steele-like, with the occasional extreme vox, and some female vocals on the song “Contort”.

Overall, I’m very glad I finally got this CD. Wasn’t very interested when it first came out, but since then my musical tastes have expanded a bit, and I find this a nice bit of night time dark listening.