Living Sacrifice - Reborn
Solid State

Being a fan of Living Sacrifice back in the early 90s, when they first broke up after lead singer and bassist DJ left, a noticeable void was left in the Christian metal society. Then, when word of Living Sacrifice’s reformation went around in 1996, I was more than a little elated at the prospect of new LS material. My copies of their first three CDs were getting all scratchy from constant playing, you see. Alas, though, the elation was brought down a bit by information that they were signing to Solid State Records, Tooth & Nail’s then-new home for all things hardcore and metalcore. The thought of one of my favorite thrash metal bands turning into just another Zao and Training For Utopia clone didn’t set well with this old metalhead. So, when Reborn was released in 1997, I picked it up not knowing what to expect. So how do I rate this?

Well, the title Reborn is very apt, as this Living Sacrifice is a different entity than the old entity. New singer, new members, and something of a brand new attitude to the music. I wouldn’t say “changed” as much as Living Sacrifice evolved for this release. That is neither good nor bad. The music is very hard, very brutal, very heavy. It is a bit more nu-metal / metalcore than before, with vocal shouts and screams rather than the thrash / death vocals of old. This is definitely Living Sacrifice and not some clone of another Solid State band. Lyrically, Reborn has some of the most moving, Spirit-filled lyrics that goes well with the music, such as on “Reborn Empowered”, “Truth Solution” and “Reject”.

Looking at this disc on its own, Reborn is a very good and hard disc. Though I’m not a big fan of the metalcore stuff, the way Living Sacrifice pulls it off is light years better compared to what else is on the label. Very good quality extreme music…