lament - tears of a leper
Tears Of A Leper
Rowe Productions

Before Mexican metal outfit Lament went power / classic metal, they released one death metal album on the Rowe Productions label. Though not doom, per se, but not the full-on bombast of death metal either. Doom-flavored death metal. Very thick and bass-heavy is the sound, with some moments of atmospheric instrumentation throughout. Lyrically, the songs deal with some very controversial subjects (in Christian music, it’s very easy to be controversial), like the poor and oppressed people of Mexico (“From Pain To Hope”), a graphic and wrenching portrayal of the death of a woman after having an abortion (“Legal”), an equally graphic portrayal of Jesus’ atoning sacrifice (“Sacrifice Of Righteousness”), and the contrast between the power man seeks and the power Almighty God has (“Absolute Predominance”). Even the cover art raised some hackles in some “reputable” Christian bookstores- the cover graphic of a leper rotting from the disease huddled in front of a small fire inside a dark cave was replaced by (but still packaged with) a more tame photo of the band with logo.

On the production side, things do get a little sloppy. There are times where the bass is really upfront, drowning out the guitars. And this may just be because I have a rather eclectic taste when it comes to music, but I can’t seem to get more than halfway through the CD before becoming a bit bored with it. But I reiterate, that could just be me. For those seeking death metal with a nice ethnic twist, Lament’s first album will suit you nicely…