YEAR OF METAL titleDiamond Head LogoDiamond Head was a band that I became aware of vicariously being a fan of Metallica, who was in turn a fan of Diamond Head themselves. It was due to hearing their rendition of “Helpless” off of the Garage Days Re-Revisited EP that someone in High School lent me back in 1988 where I unknowingly heard about them. Then, of course, there was the cover of “Am I Evil?” off of the Elektra re-release of Kill ‘Em All that was included as one of two bonus songs. And then, their cover of “The Prince” showed up on their Garage, Inc. double disc in 1998. As to their output, well, all I can say is they deserved way better than the screw-job they got back in the day. When other NWOBHM bands like Iron Maiden and Def Leppard were getting signed and gaining popularity, they remained in obscurity, despite getting a record deal with MCA Records in the early 1980s. Lineup changes and changes in musical directions didn’t really help much, either.

The three songs I’ve chosen are the original versions that Metallica covered.


The Prince

Am I Evil?