Letter 7 - Salt Of The Earth
Salt Of The Earth

While listening to this album by Arizona-based project Letter 7, I couldn’t help be think that, had this been released in the late 80s or very early 90s, Salt Of The Earth would have been huge in the Christian metal market. This isn’t a slight, mind you. I’m just saying, with a disc like this chock full of heavy guitars belting out power chords and blistering riffs, with soaring vocals belting out very straight-forward Christian lyrics (almost to the point of sounding like they consulted the Big Book of Christian Metal Cliché Lyrics), which will bring back a serious wave of nostalgia for anyone who remembers the 80s Christian metal movement, like I do. Really, I’m not knocking them for the lyrics, they’re refreshingly straight-forward, and the well-produced and highly talented musicianship and the quality of the music and vocals themselves keep them from going down the cheese-ball route. There are, however, a couple of ballads I found myself hitting the skip button on (that’s a part of the 80s metal I’d rather forget, thank you very much). Otherwise, very good release. Fans of Rob Rock, Narnia and power metal with more than a little hair influence should check this one out…not bad, really…