Light Force - 1986-1989
1986 – 1989
Rowe Productions

Really, the only reason why I picked up this disc was for the fact that it’s the only place where the Light Force album Battlezone is found on CD. Otherwise, there’s nothing really that special about Light Force…other than the fact that it was the band Steve Rowe played in before forming Mortification out of Light Force’s ashes (a fact he crams down our throats every other week or so, it seems). The music’s all right…kind of a Iron Maiden-lite metal with some cool guitar riffs. The vocals, though, suck. That’s all there is to it. Both albums are here in their entirety, with Mystical Thieves being the superior one over Battlezone. The last two cuts are from a rare demo the band put out when they were fronted by a female vocalist, and are more of the hard rock vein with low production. Really, 1986 To 1989 is more for the Christian metal completest collectors, with the booklet featuring some photos of the band and another historical blurb written by then Mortification guitarist Mick Jelinic…