10918990_10152507530246854_4920962642766011397_nSunday again. Second Sunday of the month. And already, I’m kind of wanting a reset button for the year. Why, you ask? Well, aside from this last week being the first full post-Holidays work week, back in the same-old swing of things at work (unavoidable, happens to all of us), this week brought about the death of another family member, as well as two other family members getting rushed to the ER for unrelated reasons. I’m in the middle of moving my things into the new digs in Omaha—the move will be good, but the actual moving process is not one of my favorite things. Especially all the boxes. It’s seriously making me rethink the whole owning of so many books. But, it’s a minor quibble, considering the other things that have happened so far. So, you’ll forgive me if this week’s A’La Carte’ is rather brief, yes? There will be plenty of time for writing when I’m settled in at the Victorian.

eek150105If you’re a regular watcher of the Radio Dead Air video series WTFIWWY?, then you already know that more stupid is reported from the state of Florida than any other in this here country of mine. And while I, myself have had that momentary lapse of reason to not realize a door is unlocked before going through, not even the rare (but true) reports of people thinking they’ve been locked inside their own car can compare to the utter jaw-dropping incredulity of this couple’s harrowing two days inside a closet. To be fair, meth was involved, but still.

h4E05189CFor those of us who sometimes wish they could present a classier look for their non-Metal-head (and thus, not as awesome) friends, this guy here has redesigned some classic METAL album covers as Jazz record covers. I kind of want to have some of these as framed pictures, especially the Megadeth and Anthrax ones.

STUFF I WROTE: NWOBHM January continued with bits on Iron Maiden, Diamond Head and Grim Reaper. Then I posted reviews of Living Sacrifice albums here, here, here and here, a Klay Scott retrospective here, a Kohllapse album here, a Lament album here, something by a Lee McDerment here, a couple of Leper albums here and hear, a Lo-Ruhamah album here, a Letter 7 album here, and some Light Force albums here, here and here.

Anyway, I have some more packing to do, and then to bed, as tomorrow is the beginning of yet another work day. To quote my sister from earlier, “Is this week over yet?” I leave you all now with a video of two grown men playing Slayer on preschool-sized instruments. I believe the proper retort is, “Your argument is now invalid.” Cheers, my wonderful freaks.