living sacrifice - conceived in fire
Conceived In Fire
Solid State

Prior to the release of this CD, I kept hearing reports that Living Sacrifice went back to their thrash roots for what was eventually their last album. Of course, being burned before by the “They’re going back to their roots!” rumor weed with other bands, I took the news with a grain of salt. Okay, it was more like a whole shaker full of salt. They were still on Solid State, you know. And the one thing I know about Solid State bands is- no matter how unique and innovative they are, eventually they’ll all start sounding alike. This is no different with Living Sacrifice, though admittedly they are light years better than a lot of bands on the label.

Nevertheless, when the CD was finally released in 2002, I downloaded it off of Kazaa (bite me…I wasn’t going to waste money on a potential high-priced drink coaster…if it was good, I’d buy it) to check out the final product. So, question posed being “Did they go back to their thrash roots?” The answer: “No. They did not.” My guess is, that report was started by the metalcore kids who, after listening to the preview song “Symbiotic” (which is a bit thrashy) on or on the band’s official website, then posted this on various chat boards without hearing the entire CD. And possibly without knowing what thrash really is, being the water-headed metal posers they are.

As a CD, Conceived In Fire is still better than most out there. It’s heavy, brutal and totally in the metalcore / nu metal vein, but certainly not the Living Sacrifice of old. I do come from the old school Living Sacrifice days, so I really don’t listen to this one as much as, say, Nonexistent or their self-titled debut. But, unlike many fellow old school thrash metal heads, I won’t devote an entire review to whining about how Living Sacrifice is a totally different entity now than the one we had in the early 90s. There’s some really good brutal stuff here, better than a lot of so-called “metal” that’s on the airwaves nowadays. But this Living Sacrifice is more for fans of Slipknot, Demon Hunter and Mindrage…