living sacrifice - in memoriam
In Memoriam
Solid State

What a long, strange, heavy trip it’s been. Since their inception in the late 80s, and their debut release in 1990 on the now-defunct R. E. X. label, the now-legendary extreme band Living Sacrifice has what you would say- been there, done that, bought the tee shirt. Actually, a whole bunch of tee shirts, really…

The question remains, what Living Sacrifice are you? If you’re like me, you perfer their thrash / death metal days on R. E. X., with DJ handling the vox, and the music tearing a new sphincter in the Christian Metal scene. The Living Sacrifice that came after 1997 with their comeback album (of sorts) Reborn, I admit, had its moments, but really lost its luster after the last two on the label turned out to be nothing more than metalcore sludge.

In Memoriam is a retrospective collection, featuring three brand new cuts (“In Christ”, “Power Of God”, “Killers”), all continuing in the heavy metalcore that they became popular for. From there, it’s a reverse chronological sampling from all six studio albums, from Conceived In Fire down to their self-titled debut speed / thrash classic. Obviously, you can tell which tunes from which albums I tend to listen to most often. Included also is the re-recording of “Enthroned” that up to now was only found on the crappy This Is Solid State vol. 1 sampler.

Again, depending on which Living Sacrifice you grew up loving, this collection should satisfy fans from both camps. And the inclusion of three new tunes doesn’t hurt as an incentive. I mean, if you have all their stuff (like I do, admittedly), why else would you want to get it?