lust control - we are not ashamed
We Are Not Ashamed
Enclave Entertainment / Urgent Records

This CD is one of my all-time favorite guilty pleasures. Sure, it’s one of those geeky punk / thrash hybrids, something like a second-rate One Bad Pig. Which is not too far off the mark. Since he outed himself in a 1994 issue of his magazine, it’s safe for me to reveal that Lust Control was fronted by Doug Van Pelt, and featured members of One Bad Pig.

“We Are Not Ashamed” is righteous geekcore all the way, baby. The lyrics are so in-thy-face, they made me blush once or twice. My favorites: “Grace”- dedicated to Martin Luther, just a chant of the phrase “I’m saved by grace!”; “You Make Me Puke”- rather convicting in the stance, it tackles being lukewarm; “Planned Parenthood”- you ain’t no good! Heh, good song for the Life Chain events; “The Big M”- this is a fun song to play at youth gatherings; “Virginity Disease” and “Get Married”- great wait-till-you’re-married tunes; “Operation Rescue”- another one for the Life Chain event…

…and yet another CD that’s harder to find than vegetarians working at Burger King. Like I said, a fun punk thrash outing that I pop in once in a while when I really need a pick-me-up, and a change of listening pace…