mainline riders - worldshaker
Retroactive Records

Main Line Rider’s sophomore album is a bit of a departure from their debut. Okay, maybe that sentence isn’t a great way to begin a review. Thing is, I bandied about the ideas of using a comparisons to AC/DC. Then I think of every other review I’ve read concerning Worldshaker, and that comparison seems to be rather unanimous. So, rather than stating what’s already been said, I think I’m gonna dive into this review by saying simply:

Worldshaker rocks.

If that three-word statement hasn’t persuaded you to run out and purchase the CD, let me elaborate a bit:

Worldshaker rocks in a way that grabs you by the front of your shirt with one fist and prepares to pummel you with the other until you’re missing teeth, both eyes are black and blue, and you’re happily punch drunk. Yep, kinda like that.

The music is raucous, ballsy three chord high octane rock n’ roll, the kind of vintage stuff that keeps things simple yet awesome. Yes, the comparisons to 1970’s-era AC/DC are unavoidable, but really is that a bad thing? The new vocalist on World Shaker indeed is channeling the voice of Bon Scott, and the sound here is uncanny; it lends a tremendous air of authenticity to the awesomeness contained on the CD. Seriously, from the opening strains of the first track, “It All Ends Tonite”, just the sheer attitude of the music begs to be cranked as loud as possible. Preferably in the car stereo, windows cranked down, and cruisin’ about. Yeah, I’ve done that, many times since getting this.

Mind you, not all the songs are in the classic AC/DC vein (how many times have I mentioned that band now? I’ve lost count); “Comin’ Home”, the lone ballad on the disc, hearkens back to that LA sleaze rock sound, and “Chrome & Steel” has a more modern vibe to it. There are a couple of songs reworked from the debut, “Throwin’ Bones To The Wolves” and “We Are The Ready Ones”, both nicely done methinks.

Lyrically, the songs definitely reflect the band’s faith without being bogged down by trite cliche’s, yet still maintaining the spirit of the crunchy rock n’ roll weaved around it. Production-wise, the music is just bloody top-notch, very professional and tight. In other words, my wonderful freaks, Worldshaker is a fantastic, refreshing and loud rock n’ roll album that will leave you with great tingly feelings…