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“You just summoned a succubus from Hell!”

Fantasy and reality collide on the Fields of Evermore when a group of Live Action Role Players inadvertently summon a blood-lusting succubus from the pits of Hell. Now three best friends and one incredibly hot babe must prove they are more than just make-believe warriors and become true “Knights of Badassdom.”

Of the wide array of geek-based activities, LARP’ing is not one I had the pleasure of participating in as of yet. Mind you, I was never sociable enough to really get into D-n-D and other role-playing games (think about that for a bit); but, if I had the choice between RPG’s and LARP’ing, I would go with LARP’ing. Costumes, mate. And at least I would be able to get some fresh air and exorcise.

Anyway, Knights Of Badassdom is a horror comedy that more or less celebrates the LARP’ing communities by asking the question “what would happen if someone summoned an actual demon in the middle of a sword-and-sorcery game?”

Okay, so that scenario for a movie plot isn’t new. And truth be told, Knights Of Badassdom isn’t even the best one of the type going, really. But, what it does have going is that the movie is tongue-in-cheek, and has fun with the story, making this one entertaining urban fantasy horror comedy going.

After an Evil Dead 2-style intro, we meet Joe, a metal-head slacker who just got dumped by his long-term girlfriend. To help him get over it, his rich housemate highjack him to a weekend LARP’ing session. Despite his protests, he warms up to the idea of losing himself in the fantasy cosplay. And it doesn’t hurt that Summer Glau is there dressed in leather and wielding a sword. As to be expected, an actual succubus demon is actually summoned, takes on the form of Joe’s ex girlfriend, and begins killing horny cosplayers left and right. And so Joe and his unlikely band of heroes need to take the demon out before the body count gets too high. Wackiness doth ensueth, yon adventure-seeker.

As a movie, Knights Of Badassdom was quite entertaining. It seems like a loving genre letter written in a satirical way that I enjoyed, not really meant to be taken seriously. And quite frankly, given the spate of those over-the-top wacky pop culture comedies like Vampires Suck and Epic Movie that have been thrown at us over the years. The cast was strong—any movie that features Peter Dinklage is going to be awesome in some regards—and the horror aspects was done well. For me, though, the fact that \,,/METAL\,,/ is featured is merely a delicious, buttery frosting on this rather tasty cake. No, it’s not a game changer (no pun intended), but Knights Of Badassdom is far from the worst thing to watch for a night of entertainment. Recommended.