praise him in the graveSo, I’m up this morning, getting a bit of writing and other stuff on the laptop done before I get ready to go to church (11am service, due to me not really waking up until Noon or so). It’s well known that I don’t have a taste for the kind of Contemporary Alternative type “modern worship” that that Sanctified Hipster Band (not their real name) plays every Sunday morning at both the 9:30 and 11am services. But, that’s all right, I’m not raising a stink about that. Worship, whether it encompasses just the music, the entire church service, or the entirety of my daily life, is not about me. In this case, my preference of music that the band is playing doesn’t matter, and I’m certainly not going to ruin it for everyone else by loudly complaining about something as trivial as the music style I like or don’t like.

Therefore, as a nice medium, I have been taking my own Praise & Worship playlist on my media device to listen to during the what I’ve been referring to as the “pep rally portion” of the church service, just so my ears don’t get sad for the 15-20 minutes or so before the teaching portion begins (my favorite part of the worship, really). And since no one whatsoever has asked, I thought I’d take the time right now to share with everyone what is currently in that playlist:

Barren Cross – Believe
Barren Cross – Dying Day
Barren Cross – Give Your Life
Barren Cross – King Of Kings
Barren Cross – Rock For The King
Bloodgood – Accept The Lamb
Bloodgood – Anguish And Pain
Bloodgood – Awake
Bloodgood – Battle Of The Flesh
Bloodgood – Black Snake (Extended Version)
Bloodgood – Crucify
Bloodgood – Demon On The Run
Bloodgood – Eat The Flesh
Bloodgood – Holy Fire
Bloodgood – Killing The Beast
Bloodgood – The Messiah
Crucified, The – Power Of God
Darrell Mansfield – Jesus Will Reign
Dead Artist Syndrome – Christmas
Dead Artist Syndrome – In Your Hands
Dead Artist Syndrome – Through The Speakers
Deliverance – Attack
Deliverance – Blood Of The Covenant
Deliverance – Greetings Of Death
Deliverance – If We Faint Not
Deliverance – If You Will
Deliverance – J.I.G.
Deliverance – Jehovah Jireh
Deliverance – No Love
Deliverance – Sanctuary
Deliverance – Slay The Wicked
Deliverance – Surrender
Deliverance – The Call
Deliverance – Victory
Deliverance – Weapons Of Our Warfare
Demon Hunter – Lead Us Home
Demon Hunter – Not I
Demon Hunter – Undying
Dig Hay Zoose – Slatherage
Discipe – 1, 2, Conductor
Disciple – 10 Minute Oil Chainge
Disciple – God Of Elijah
Disciple – Golden Calf
Disciple – I Just Know
Disciple – Worship Conspiracy
Eternal Decision – Alive
Eternal Decision – Hunger
Eternal Decision – Overflow
Eternal Decision – Power
Eternal Decision – Risen
Ethereal Scourge – Refuge
Ethereal Scourge – Tombthroat
Grave Robber – Altered States
Grave Robber – Detonation AD
Grave Robber – Fear No Evil
Grave Robber – Fill This Place With Blood
Grave Robber – Haunted House
Grave Robber – I, Zombie
Grave Robber – Invisible Man
Grave Robber – Last Man On Earth
Grave Robber – Nightbreed
Grave Robber – Reanimator
Grave Robber – Rigor Mortis
Grave Robber – Schizofiend
Grave Robber – Screams Of The Voiceless
Grave Robber – Skeletons
Grave Robber – Something Wicked This Way Comes
Grave Robber – You’re All Gonna Die
Klank – Burning
Light Force – Babylon
Living Sacrifice – Enthroned
LS Underground – Bye Bye Colour
LS Underground – Jordan River
LS Underground – Miracle
LS Underground – Not A Cussword
LS Underground – Shaded Pain
Mortal – Alive And Awake
Mortal – Enfleshed (The Word Is Alive)
Narnia – In His Majesty’s Service
No Innocent Victim – No Compromise
One Bad Pig – Blow And Go
One Bad Pig – Isaiah 6
One Bad Pig – Man In Black
One Bad Pig – Never Forget The Cross
One Bad Pig – People Cry Out
One Bad Pig – Red River
One Bad Pig – Thrash Against Sin
One Bad Pig – Wholly My Lord
Outer Circle – It Must Be Wonderful
Red Sea – Blood
Red Sea – Dust To Dust
Red Sea – Soulshaker
Red Sea – Wolves At The Door
Six Feet Deep – Angry Son
Six Feet Deep – Condemnation
Six Feet Deep – Purify
Six Feet Deep – Struggle
Soul Embraced – Truth Solution
Stryper – Calling On You
Stryper – Free
Stryper – Loud N’ Clear
Stryper – Loving You
Stryper – Makes Me Wanna Sing
Stryper – More Than A Man
Stryper – Soldiers Under Command
Stryper – Surrender
Stryper – The Rock That Makes Me Roll
Stryper – The Way
Stryper – To Hell With The Devil
Tourniquet – A Dog’s Breakfast
Tourniquet – Broken Chromosomes
Tourniquet – Psycho Surgery
Tourniquet – Ready Or Not
Tourniquet – Tears Of Korah
Tourniquet – Test For Leprosy
Tourniquet – The Threshing Floor
Tourniquet – You Get What You Pray For
Vengeance Rising – Among The Dead
Vengeance Rising – Arise
Vengeance Rising – Burn
Vengeance Rising – Fill This Place With Blood
Vengeance Rising – He Is God
Vengeance Rising – I Love Hating Evil
Vengeance Rising – Into The Abyss
Vengeance Rising – Warfare
Vengeance Rising – White Throne
Whitecross – Attention Please
Whitecross – Because Of Jesus
Whitecross – Enough Is Enough
Whitecross – He Is The Rock
Whitecross – No Way I’m Goin’ Down
Whitecross – Shakedown
Whitecross – Who Will You Follow
Zao – In Loving Kindness

Just pop on my noise-blocking headphones, set this list on shuffle, and let this be a nice alternative to what’s being offered by the band.

So, this is what I consider “praise & worship music”. Do you have a list like this? Have you ever thought of one to take the place of the music played at whatever church you go to, if you do attend church? Feel free to share. I’m in a rare interactive mood today, for some reason. Cheers.