tokyo blade logoI have no idea what the seeming obsession that some of the NWOBHM bands had with Japanese culture. It’s not like it is today, mind you–it’s just when it comes to an exotic sounding names for metal groups in the 70s/80s era, a bit of Oriental spice seemed in order. I have no idea where to go with this pompous sounding opener of mine, so let’s just move on to Tokyo Blade, shall we?

Starting life first as White Diamond,then Killer, and then Genghis Khan before settling on Tokyo Blade in 1981, they released their first album as a self-titled in 1983 (titled Midnight Rendezvous here in the States because…reasons), while sharing stages with the likes of Metallica and Venom. Frequent lineup changes and a couple of hiatus periods, along with some sound changes over the years, and the band is still chugging along.


Night Of The Blade

Dirty Faced Angels