Pillars Of CreationGreetings and salutations once again, from my humble domicile deep in East Omaha. It’s time for another steaming helping of Sunday A’La Carte. Today was spent mostly snuggled up inside the sea foam green walls of my dwelling, mainly due to the snow that started late yesterday morning and didn’t stop until…well, today some time. The result being a long-overdue blanketing of the white stuff. Which may or may not be a good thing to a lot of people. Me, I think, if it’s winter, let’s get some snow going. Maybe not all at once like it just did. And if you’re wondering how much snow we got, here’s a picture taken from one of my house mates from his third-floor dwelling area (not used by permission, I’m sure he’ll understand):

snow day picThe worst part about this? Having to go to work and hear all of you normals complain about the weather. It’s winter, people. I presume you all knew that, and all of the weather that comes with it? The snow was long overdue. Quite frankly, I love this time of year. And as this article I came across yesterday reading an issue of Reader’s Digest while waiting for my car’s oil to be changed proves that I’m not alone in this. The problem, though, seems to stem from having too many mild winters, and everyone getting used to the warmer climes. People around here are either too spoiled, or maybe have emigrated from California or Florida or some place that doesn’t have the proper seasons going for them. I’m just thankful the potholes are filled in, albeit temporarily.

It seems that last week, as I was discussing the Superb Owl, I made the error of jumping a bit too early: as one of my cousins pointed out, the Superb Owl is happening today, and not last week. My apologies. Sometimes I forget that not everybody has s chronos device and can experience all times at once like I can. Now that I’m back in the regular linear (and boring) time stream, I can still say that I haven’t participated in any gatherings or celebrations concerning said sporting even. Mostly because I’m snowed in. And that I don’t care. And I’m snowed in. Though, according to some of the posts on my Facebook news thread, many of my Facebook Souls rather enjoyed a commercial by some company that calls itself “McDonald’s”. I may have to see if it’s on You Tube.

STUFF I WROTE: The YEAR OF METAL continues, as this week spotlighted the bands Blitzkrieg, Girlschool and Tokyo Blade, and thus bringing a close to NWOBHM JANUARY. Tomorrow, Hard Rock + Proto-Metal FEBRUARY begins. I also reviewed the completely forgettable horror flick Lake Dead, and then the one movie I never thought I’d ever have to write a review for, the current youth group darling God’s Not Dead.

That’s it for this week. I have to get up earlier than usual tomorrow to try and dig the Aluminium Falcon out to be able to make it to work in one piece. I leave you now with the one Superb Owl commercial that I saw a couple of days ago, and it amused me to no end. Cheers, all.