kiss logoI have to confess, I’m what you would call a nominal fan of KISS–I dig a lot of their music, own a few of their albums (Alive! is fantastic), but I’ve never been a level of fan that necessitated membership in the KISS Army. Is there a Reserves option? I can maybe swing that.

Anyway, despite not being a rabid fanboy, the influence that KISS had and continues to have over metal is impossible to dispute: The elaborate leather costumes, the on-stage personae, the theatrics, the blood-spitting and pyrotechnics, the makeup…and they also play some rather good hard rock that sometimes verges into some heavy territories (“God Of Thunder”, anyone?). Sure, not everything they released was pure gold, there was that awkward “no makeup” period, and even now the main guys seem to be more about product branding than making music, but the KISS Army is still going strong, with recruits signing up on a regular basis.



“Detroit Rock City”