pantokrator - aurum
Whirlwind Records

Four years after their first full-length, Pantokrator came crushing back with their second full-length studio release, Aurum. I do not say the word “crushing” lightly, as the METAL contained on Aurum finds Pantokrator to be a more refined death metal entity than what was on 2003’s Blod.

Backed by some top-notch production and some very tight musicianship, Aurum hits you in the face from the opening riffs of “Gold Of Havitah” and rarely lets us on the brutality. Things do slow a scosh on “Where Lilith Found Her Peace”, but none of the heaviness is sacrificed.

Overall, Aurum is a fantastically solid death metal album, not only Pantokrator’s best release I’ve heard, but one of the better death metal releases I’ve heard in a while.