Rivel Records

I first came across the Swedish death metal band Pantokrator back in the summer of 2002, after purchasing a split CD at Cornerstone which featured their EP Songs Of Solomon alongside Sanctifica’s EP In The Bleak Midwinter. Finding myself rather impressed with Pantokrator’s side of the split, I was pleased to find that Pantokrator remained an active entity within the extreme METAL world, and continues to release some of the better progressive death metal I’ve been fortunate enough to discover.

Released in 2003, Blod is the band’s first proper full-length release. As such the songs on Blod are absent as diverse as one can get while still remaining within the Death Metal scope of the genre: heavy Death Metal brutality intertwined with moments of slower Death Metaland Folk on some of the songs give the music a bit of the ol’ progressive ang while crushing the listener with Death Metal. A nice satisfying release overall.