Greetings and salutations, everyone. It’s Sunday again, in case you may have not found out yet. Or, unless you’re on the other side of the planet–say, Japan–and it’s Monday. Which means, if I call someone in Japan right now, I’ll be talking to someone IN THE FUTURE! Wooo, mind-boggling. Yeah. Anyway, at the moment, I’m going through some issues with WiFi connectivity here at the new-ish abode. Meaning, the WiFi that’s set up by the landlord is…I have an inkling of what is going on, maybe due to my dwelling right next to the bathroom (for reasons, nach). Point is, with the setup, I have to constantly reset things on the computer to get things to go through. Like, every other minute. Literally. And even then, it kind of takes its time to decide whether or not to let me through. So, today I went and invested in one of those Mobile Hotspot thingies that Straight Talk puts out. They were having a half-off sale at the WalMart, so I didn’t pay the full $100 or so dollars it would have cost. Went with the 2 gigs, for hooking up with the posting and general reading of a few web pages. I usually do my video streaming on the Android, anyway, as well as anything I download on Play. Interesting place to get my television fix, that.

Last Thursday, I let slip around a few people at the gathering of the Exalted Geeks that I have yet to watch the movie Beetlejuice. After all the gasps of shock died down, it was decided that it was in my best interest–after we had to talk a certain person out of demanding my Geek Card be revoked–to watch the movie today. So we did. This afternoon, a couple of us gathered together at the home of one Nex Nocturnum, and watched the movie. Interesting flick, that. It’s one of Tim Burton’s earlier works, obviously, so the whimsically morbid glee is still very much apparent, rather than glossed over in his recent outings. Certainly not what I was expecting. Considering my admission to not having watched the movie in the first place stemmed from talk about a sequel, I have to wonder how in the world this could be coming about. And will that head be all shrunken still.

STUFF I’VE WRITTEN: In this hear YEAR OF METAL, we kicked off Hard Rock + Proto-Metal FEBRUARY with bits on Motorhead, AC/DC and KISS. I also reviewed the book Brave New World, the movie Lucy, and a couple of Pantokrator albums here and here.

Gonna cut it short this week. Mainly due to still figuring out the configuration of this hotspot thingie. Seems to prefer Google Chrome over Firefox, so I may have some browser adjusting to do. Until next time, cheers all.