led zeppelin

Many a time, when talking about classic heavy metal and the bands that formed the genre, sooner or later Led Zeppelin is going to be brought up. And yeah, their influence is a valid one; though, one could very well argue that they were really more of a blues rock band that had a bit more of an attitude than the era they initially sprung up from. As a matter of fact, Led Zeppelin rocked just as much with acoustic instruments as they did with the patented “wall of guitars” production job that they pioneered. Matter of fact, there’s only one heavy song on their third record, with the rest being acoustic numbers. To say nothing of classical instrumentation, or experimenting with other styles all together. Regardless, Led Zeppelin’s contribution to metal was taking the roots of all rock-based music–the blues–and infused it with a strong dose of power and more than a generous helping of mysteriousness and fantasy.

“Dazed And Confused”


“Immigrant Song”