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So…again with the six song picks, instead of the usual three. As with AC/DC, it would be a shame to just limit three picks to just one era or so, or even pick just one from the Ozzy/Dio/miscellaneous¬†vocalist versions of Black Sabbath. And instead of picking three from each different versions of the band, making the count nine, I just stuck with three from the Ozzy era and the Dio era. Because I’m rather unfamiliar with the Misc. Singer albums, and neither do I really want to be. Maybe I’m missing out on something fantastic by doing so, but something tells me I’m not. Besides…OZZY AND DIO!

Anyway, if you claim to be a METALHEAD and don’t know who Black Sabbath is, you deserve all the poser taunts and kidney punches you’re going to endure. Everything that METAL is, Black Sabbath created, or at least pioneered beyond the limitations from before. Some of which were by sheer accident. That deep, dark sludgy guitar sound, full of power chord riffs that everybody’s copied since? Machine press accident. The self-titled album should be issued, along with the follow-up Paranoid, as part as a Welcome Kit whenever someone decides to become a METALHEAD, as all the basic foundations of METAL are found in those two classics. Even as they ventured into more proper metal territory when Ronnie James Dio took over vocal duties, they remained innovators rather than imitators.

Ozzy Era:
“Black Sabbath”


“Children Of The Grave”

Dio Era:
“Heaven And Hell”

“The Sign Of The Southern Cross”

“After All (The Dead)”