one bad apple - creeping things
Creeping Things
Kingdom Records

One Bad Apple is a band out of Detroit, Michigan that, from what I could glean from the interwebs, started off as a death metal band, but after listening to their only release thus far–Creeping Things–seems to have amalgamated several other styles, lumping them in what I would say is “crossover”. Mind you, until I picked up this record, the only chance I had to hear a cut from One Bad Apple was their cover of Stryper’s “You Know What To Do” on the Isaiah 53:3 tribute album, and I recall not being too very impressed with their cover. And after taking a moment to go back over that review here, it does look like the word “underwhelmed” fits here. But, in the name of OCD collecting, I picked up Creeping Things for my vault, and gave it the obligatory spin to see how bad things really were.

First off, I have to say that this is probably the most cringe-inducing cover art I’ve seen in quite some time. Bugs…why’d it have to be bugs? But anyway, the music contained on Creeping Things I found to be rather good, actually. It reminds me greatly of M. O. D., especially around the time of their Rhythm Of Fear release. It’s a mix of no-frills NYC Hardcore with elements of Thrash with a bit of a sense of humor thrown in for flavoring (there’s a well-picked clip from Mrs. Doubtfire at the beginning of “Hell’s Half Acre” that had me chuckling hard). There are bits of rapping on a couple of tracks, but it doesn’t dominate the tracks to make it unlistenable. There’s also a hidden track at the end of the final song, “Given Power”, after some silence and a bit of in-studio ambient noises (“Stop gassin’ off”? Interesting). Have no idea what that song name is, but it’s a fun heavy piece.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with what I found on Creeping Things. Pity they haven’t released anything else since then. Creeping up on nearly 20 years, here (see what I did, there?). The Spirit Of Metal site lists them as still active, so there’s a chance, maybe. Bottom line, Creeping Things is a great slab of crossover metal that will apeal to fans of the afore-mentioned M. O. D., D. R. I., S. O. D. and other bands that stick to initials.