mark thomas hannah - beauty in the midst of pain
Beauty In The Midst Of Pain

Interesting. This CD was given to me back in 1998 by a friend in Omaha that had an entire box of them. Contained on this half-hour (approximately) disc is are two cuts. Sort of. See, one is the full song “Beauty In The Midst Of Pain”, and the second track is the instrumental version of the epic. Musically, this is a lush and beautiful classical goth epic with both male and female vocals, strings, and a choir. I hasten to make comparisons to Saviour Machine, as the sound is a bit different than Eric Clayton’s troupe, but for want of a better comparison (other than urging you to find a copy and listen for yourself) is why I’m mentioning it. Blame it on my limited knowledge of the Goth genre. Anyway, not a bad disc, and quite frankly, I like the instrumental version better…background music and all that…