mass - take you home
Take You Home
Medusa Records

I acquired this slab of vinyl at my church’s garage sale. Never taken out of the cellophane, it was given to me with a box of unwanted CDs, cassettes and records of the Christian variety. I can see why this was stuck in there.

*sigh*…where to begin…let’s see, I can’t say much about the music, ‘cept it’s the type of late-80s, early-90s metal that’s been done so many times and recycled into so many long forgotten bands of yore that I’m glad this is only a six-song e.p. The vocals are so whiny and nasal-produced that my spinal chord nearly de-calcified in the process. There was no lyric sheet included, just some order form for paraphernalia from Enigma Records, who probably put this out thinking they were getting the next Stryper, so I found myself scrambling for a pair of headphones so I could at least try to decipher what was being, um, sung.

As far as being a Christian band…I don’t know. I’ve heard obscure lyrics before, but the songs on ‘Take You Home’ seem to be pushing into really, really obscure. You could take them as allegory, especially “Want It Back”, “Over You”, “Take You Home” and maybe “Can’t Get Enough”, but that might be stretching it a bit. “Holy One” is about the only light reference, but the phrase “Blessed Virgin, pray for me” made me cock an eyebrow. Maybe they’re more of a Catholic band, I don’t know. All I can say is, I took this being a Christian album with something of a huge grain of salt. On the music side, again, ‘Take You Home’ is a bit too clichéd to warrant a second listen any time soon.