mental destruction - straw
Cold Meat Industries

This is the third CD from Swedish orthodox industrial outfit Mental Destruction. This is a bombastic collage of rhythmic mechanized percussion, noise blasts and distorted vocals. To the uninformed listener, this may sound like noise, but really each piece was carefully and painstakingly constructed, taking three years to complete this project. Think of it as having a method to the chaotic madness.

With some extended listening, Straw grows on you. Much like fungus. There are quite a few creative beat patterns, as well as use of dark ambient synths within the harsh mechanical structure. Lyrically, Straw deals with personal life experiences and Biblical warnings with brutal honesty. The vocals are hard to decipher with the distortion used, but the lyrics have been included for your convenience.

Now, a word on the artwork on the CD. While the image of a demonic looking figure consuming a baby may take people aback, especially in the Christian community, further study on the subject revealed that it was a piece depicting the passage of time, with the demonic figure representing Father Time and the baby representing youth; metaphorically it’s a comment on how time consumes us all.

Straw is one of the CDs I pop in frequently for background music. Recommended for fans of Black House, Sanctum and chaotic industrial…