hell froze over

Sunday night, time for a bit of the ol’ A’La Carte that I can’t seem to stop doing on a weekly basis. You’d think I would have given up by now, but no. Here I am, listening to some doom metal by way of Place Of Skulls, and typing out my randumb brain droppings to sum up the week. Yeah, I’ve been listening to a lot of doom metal lately. Mostly the afore-mentioned Place Of Skulls, some David Benson, and Randy Rose, with some Paramaecium thrown in for the brutality fix. For those wondering what this “doom metal” is about, the easiest way to explain is metal made by those who probably haven’t owned any other album besides the Ozzy-era Black Sabbath collection. Gothic music for Metal-Heads. And I am in that dark mood, as per usual, but I needed something heavier than The Cure or Sisters Of Mercy at the moment. Besides, Place Of Skulls’ cover of Third Day’s “Consuming Fire” makes the song tolerable.

Some may remember my old internet show, the glorified mix tape that was NECRO SHOCK RADIO. Ever since giving it up all of those months ago, I’ve noted a curious increase in “likes” on the Facebook Page, which I haven’t pulled because there really wasn’t much reason to do so. I enjoyed doing it for the period that I was driven, I’ve had many people tell me they enjoyed listening to it, and probably have inspired a person or two to start doing their own Christian Metal show and find some success in doing so. Mind you, I’m not planning on resurrecting the show again. But, I am tossing around an idea for another completely different kind of METAL show, where I just focus on one album at a time and talk about it. Memories of when I bought it, how it may have impacted me, that kind of thing, then play a handful of songs from the album, four at the most. Something like that. This isn’t a done deal, it’s just the rampant speculation of someone who has a ludicrously large music collection and a pesky, undying need to play dee-jay in his spare time.


It’s almost March. Which means Spring is just around the corner. Bummer. I can, however, enjoy the scant handful of Wintery weeks while I can. Which lead me to muse this morning while I was driving into Blair, why do people complain about the cold during Winter? They may not enjoy the cold, I can understand that, but it’s still February. This kind of weather shouldn’t be surprising. Especially here in the Midwest. As a matter of fact, if you’ve never lived for an extended period in the Midwest, you probably don’t understand just how brutal the seasons can get. Not just Winter. I work with people from Baghdad who have complained about the heat in Summer here in Nebraska. It takes a special person indeed to make the Midwest their home. I’m not saying we’re better than those who dwell in milder climates, I’m just saying we’re insane for choosing to stay and get our collective butts handed to us by the weather on a year-long basis. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I just discovered that there exists Christian Mingle: The Movie. It stars Lacy Chabert—that angsty wunderkind on Party Of Five, but I remember her better from the Lost In Space movie—and the plot itself looks like your typical rom-com with a light Christian glaze. I watched the official trailer, and my brain immediately screamed “I NEED TO WATCH THIS!” It does that sometimes, independent of what I would term “common sense”. It’s part of my masochistic need to torture myself with bad movies. Also, I really, really need to get onto figuring out how to make that Christian Movie Review video show. Also, needing to get to watching all of those movies I have on backlog. I have a lot to get to, it seems.


STUFF I WROTE: The Hard Rock+Proto-Metal FEBRUARY of the YEAR OF METAL continued with postings about Black Sabbath, the Alice Cooper Band, and Aerosmith. Then, I posted a bunch of music reviews for CCM Rock stalwarts White Heart, Jesus Hippie Rock duo Malcolm & Alwyn, Detroit crossover thrash band One Bad Apple, the orchestral Gothic artist Mark Thomas Hanna, 80s hair metal band Mass, and ortho-industrial band Mental Destruction.

That’s it for now. I’ve got a bit of tweaking on the notes I’m using for the youth group lesson I’m giving tomorrow night. Given my perfectionist nature, it might be a while. I leave you all with the official trailer for the afore-mentioned Christian Mingle: The Movie. Cheers, all.