place of skulls - love through blood

Love Through Blood
Outlaw Recordings

Doom metal band Place Of Skull’s third release was a four-song EP that contained the material that was supposed to have been included on the first release Nailed five years prior, but were left off per their then record label’s request, because the lyrics of the songs didn’t fit the label’s image. And while I may have some pointedly choice words about that, at least the Outlaw Recordings had the spine to go ahead and release them as an EP. Mind you, it was a limited edition pressing of 1000, and was only available through the band or through the Outlaw Recordings’ website. But, the point it, the songs finally found the light of day, to be consumed by those lucky enough to find them.

Love Through Blood is something I consider a nice mini Doom Metal worship session featuring the slow, heavy and moody kind of style that the band excels in fantastically. It starts off with a cover of Third Day’s “Consuming Fire”, which may be the only instance where I would actually find a Third Day song tolerable. The music is dark, doomy, and heavy with some haunting clean vocal singing, which lends atmospheric weight to the songs. Just recently, I began listening to this on my media player during the sing-along portion of the service at my church, but I’m just weird like that apparently.

What makes this work is the fact that Place Of Skulls isn’t a Christian band; Place Of Skulls is a Doom Metal band that happens to take the Christian world view on the songs they play. It doesn’t sound like they’re trying to cater to anyone’s sensibilities, Christian or otherwise. This is just some really good Doom Metal, as well as a nice collector’s item. Recommended, if you can find it.