one bad pig - live blow the house down
Live: Blow The House Down!

The first live album by one of the pioneers of Christian thrash/punk was recorded at their farewell show in 1991 at the Cornerstone festival. Until I caught their reunion show in 2000 at the same festival, this was the only way I could experience them live. And what a show I missed, as this disc captures the energy, intensity, and fun of a One Bad Pig show, both on CD and video tape, as the show was recorded both ways.

After rousing the crowd with the theme from Green Acres (probably because they were on the Cornerstone Farm), the band rips into their classic “Take A Look At Yourself”, then onto other Pig classics- “Hey Punk”, “Smash The Guitar”, “I Scream Sunday”…the list goes on. What makes One Bad Pig one of my favorite Christian bands is the way they can put on a fun show- on the video, you see skateboarders zipping back and forth on stage at times, there’s a dive into a wading pool filled with whipped cream at the end of “Ice Cream Sunday”, some guy gets his hair lopped off during “Cut Your Hair”, a bunch of guitars get smashed in unison during “Smash The Guitar”, and at one point during “Never Forget The Cross”, a biker rides his Harley on stage- yet makes sure the worship is just as intense. One small quibble- they didn’t do their cover of “Man In Black”. Otherwise, Live: Blow The House Down! is a fun solid listen from beginning to end…