Mindrage - Sown In Weakness, Raised In Power

Sown In Weakness, Raised In Power

The label “metalcore” is something that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. At it’s root, it’s a descriptive of a style that’s a bit too metal to be truly hardcore (meaning the guitarists decided to take a few guitar lessons beyond just hammering out a bunch of nondescript power chords, and the drummer decided to upgrade to a double bass mechanism on his set and learned rhythm structure), but if you just come down to it, really, its a label used by whiney hardcore elitists to justify them listening to good music. That, and I’ve found it’s a label thrown around a little too liberally, slapping bands that aren’t really “metalcore” with the tag, who are really more death metal and thrash-based than hardcore. It’s like labeling Newsboys “Goth” because they’ve been wearing a lot of black clothing lately…

Anyway, this being a review of Mindrage’s Sown In Weakness, Raised In Power disc, let me make one thing perfectly clear- while this little band may have sprung from former members of the (*sigh*) metalcore band Living Sacrifice (don’t get me started…), Mindrage’s sound has more to do with Prong, later-day Sepultura, and Pantera than true metalcore bands. This has a distinctive metal groove that crushes, with a light yet very distinctive hardcore attitude that smashes. The vocals remind me much of Prong in their Cleansing days, really. While there’s a couple of instances where the comparison to Living Sacrifice is evident (like the acoustic intro to opener “Not Alone”, and “Asphyxiate”, which sounds like it had its origins in the Reborn sessions), they’re few and far between. Overall, a very nice, heavy, groove-laden piece of metal for ye’all…