messiah prophet band - rock the flock
Rock The Flock

Before Master Of The Metal, Messiah Prophet had the word “Band” included in their moniker, and, well…sounded a lot like the other Christian rock bands with the word “Band” in their names: Resurrection Band, Sweet Comfort Band, Daniel Band, Darrell Mansfield Band…you get the idea. Rock The Flock was originally released in 1984 independently on vinyl and cassette, and recently re-released on CD, hence the review.

For most who remember Messiah Prophet as the band who released the 80s metal platter Master Of The Metal in 1986, Rock The Flock will catch you by surprise (more so than 1996’s Colors). This is more akin to 70s hard rock. As an album in and of itself, it’s not bad- a bit underproduced, but not bad. Think of it as Resurrection Band Lite (read the Master Of The Metal review, you’ll see). Lyrically speaking, you can tell that Messiah Prophet (with or without the “Band”) was conceived as an evangelical outfit, despite the sound or style. Straight-forward four-spiritual-laws-set-to-music stuff. I have this on vinyl, and to tell you the truth, I probably won’t upgrade to CD. Many probably will compare this to Master Of The Metal, which may turn off those expecting something in that vein of music. Regardless, this disc will appeal to those who fondly remember Christian rock’s early days from the late 70s and early 80s…