Doeth good for the soulI love You and praise You for the storms as well as the peaceful calm; for the oppressive heat as well as the cool mild sunshine. I praise You for the darkness of night and the brightness of the daylight. My time here is short, and I patiently await my death. Until then, I pray You show me and guide me continually, to make the most of my life prelude here.

Humbly I ask — bless me, Father God; bless others through me. May Your Name be lifted on high forever and ever and ever. I long for Your return, Lord Jesus. Come quickly. Without You I can do nothing.

Help me keep my focus on You, in the good and the bad that transpire minute by minute. My life is Yours, Lord Jesus, bought at a great price. Let me never forget the sacrifice You made for such a wretched soul as me.

You are my Lord, in my sorrow and grief. In my loneliness and pain, I continue to praise You, Lord Jesus; I continue to draw on Your Holy Spirit for my counsel, strength and wisdom. Saturate my being, Holy Spirit, cast away the devil and all his lies from me, and may You cause my spirit to well up, overflowing out of every orifice of my flesh. I love You, Lord Jesus, and I praise You and You alone.