david benson - evil killer
Evil Killer

The fourth release from Doom Metal artist David Benson (not counting the dBeality release back in 2004) is probably his best release thus far. This is definitely due to the much, much better quality of the production. In the past, this has been a major contention I’ve had with the previous releases; some leniency given due to the nature of trying to record something decent on an independent shoestring budget back in the 1990s.

That was then. Now, anyone can get a decent sounding studio production on a home PC. And here on Evil Killer, the difference in quality is very apparent. You get the same thick, crunchy heavy doom metal that one comes to expect from David Benson, with hook-laden guitar riffs and solid rhythms that could bulldoze an abandoned building block; only on Evil Killer, the improved production tech gives the songs a thicker, much more 3-dimensional feel overall. Evil Killer is something that sounds great in my car stereo as well as a good quality pair of headphones. Recommended for Doom Metal fans everywhere, this one is.