Morbid Sacrifice - Severed

Severed Death
Open Grave Records

Well, now. Here’s some very old school-sounding death metal that hearkens back to the early days back in the late 80s, before all the rules and regulations surrounding the genre were written. Primitive, brutal and raw, speedy guitar riffs, deathly growls and unearthly shrieks permeate this diamond in the rough. The music incorporates early death metal along with thrash and New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. The lyrics are bold and straightforward. Had this been released around the same time that Mortification released the Break The Curse demo, this would have been huge in the death metal underground. Unfortunately, Severed Death was recorded and released originally in 2002, at a time when death metal had mutated into various forms, and went largely unnoticed. The band broke up shortly thereafter, and only a very limited number of copies were made. But, then Open Grave Records decided to give another chance to this album, and I’m glad they did. Though the production is raw, it really adds to the listening experience. Fans of very, very early Mortification, Deracination, and Scream Bloody Gore-era Death need to check this one out.