Mortal - Lusis

The very first Christian industrial (or “post-industrial”, depending on who you talk to) band? Hardly. There were others before Mortal, to be sure. No, what makes this band so notable is they helped make an awareness of Christian industrial, inspiring future acts and shedding light on previous pioneers like Blackhouse, Circle Of Dust and Deitiphobia.

‘Lusis’ was their first, and highly sought-after, release. Most told me, “this is like Nine Inch Nails.” I disagree. This has more of a Stabbing Westward / Ministry feel to it. Although it does have the crunch guitar (especially on “Enfleshed” and “If Ever Maria”), ‘Lusis’ leans more toward the techno end of the style, most notibly on “Mytho-X” and “Painkiller.” The Alive Is The Word-remix of “Enfleshed” eliminates the guitars all together, in fact. Another useless bit of trivia: the CD version of “Enfleshed” is five seconds longer than the cassette version. For some odd reason, a small bridge was edited out of the cassette version. If anyone knows why, let me know. It’s been bugging me for quite a few years now. And for you Star Trek buffs, there’s a clip from “Star Trek V” in “Painkiller.” Oh, and there are other songs on the CD too. . .

‘Lusis’ got the ol’ re-release treatment from KMG Records not too long ago, packaged with their second release, ‘Fathom’. Yeah, it’s worth it. . .