ParadoxThe great personal paradox – I am, for lack of a better word, a Christian, yet I have no desire to mingle with most of my kind. Most of what has become accepted as “Christianity” sickens me, and as a rule, I’m rather suspicious and antisocial when it comes to other Christians. Make no mistake – I love my brethren and sisteren very much, with a supernatural love that only the Holy Spirit can give me, as I am very much unable to love anyone on my own power. With the very same Truth and Life we share through Christ Jesus, I love you. However, I don’t like many of you. So don’t take my lack of wanting to be your friend personally, my fellow forgiven sinners. Maybe one day God will heal me of this mistrust and jadedness that has developed over the years, but for now I have yet to see any reason to put my guard down around most of you.