my silent wake - shadow of sorrow
Shadow Of Sorrow
Bombworks Records

And the debate rages on, as to whether or not the label “gothic metal” is a legit term. I’ve been chided before for using the term to describe a certain band, mostly from my puritan Goth friends on the net. I say it is a viable label to use, mostly for lack of a better one for the bands that are distinct with their hybrid of darker and heavy styles.

My Silent Wake is one such band. Comprised of former members of Ashen Mortality and Seventh Angel, the sound is a dark and creamy mix of dark metal, sludgy doom and heavy power metal built upon a foundation of death and thrash. Lyrically, the songs are mournful while retaining that element of hope that can only be found in Christ Jesus. Haunting, churning, with the ability to make you weep while it crushes your skull. Excellent stuff here. I would recommend this to fans of Virgin Black, Synnove, Paramaecium and Troglodyte Dawn…