Oh, right, now I remember...Y’know, wandering through this world for as long as I have, I’ve come to realize one particular truth that rings true no matter how old I happen to be.

I am an asshole.

For many, this statement comes as no surprise. In fact, I am fairly certain that they are thinking, “Tell me something I don’t know,” as they prepare to click on another link in their “favorites” collection. These people have known me for a goodly amount of time, and have seen this untamed side of me come back out to bask in the real world for a time. Especially those who knew me before I became a bondservant to the Lord Christ Jesus.

For those who only have known me for a little bit, or have only met me briefly in the real world (outside of the internet interaction and such), you really don’t know what my longtime friends, family members and associates know. The full Uncle NecRo experience hasn’t been realized to its foregone conclusion. I can be a very, very scary person, left to my own devices. I can say and do things that will disturb you. My mind is such that, having gone spelunking inside there, I don’t even think I’ve begun to probe the depths of my own depravity.

It is the Holy Spirit that keeps my poisonous evil being at bay. I shudder to think what I would be like had I not given my life to Jesus. Even before I became a Christian, I wanted to do good, make the right decisions and all that, but I always ended up taking the wrong path. Even now, after 23 years of being a Christian, it’s a constant struggle to choose to do good. I don’t always make the right decision.

Why do I do these things? Could it be that I’m more of a hinderance to Jesus than a reflective light? Am I more degenerate than I thought? Am I just kidding myself by thinking that the Holy Spirit would want anything to do with me?

I find my light sputtering in the darkness. I think it’s best for you to keep your distance, lest I infect you too.