Devil's Tower Movie PosterUncork’d Entertainment

Sarah has just moved into a block of flats to start a new life away from her abusive mother. There, she strikes up an unconventional friendship with squatter Sid. When Sid’s friend Paul goes missing, he and Sarah unearth a series of strange deaths and disappearances. Watched by a malevolent spirit controlling the building’s televisions and cameras, reality and fantasy mere as events are twisted into a sick movie on a TV set high in the block of flats. Sid and Sarah are throne into a fight for survival when th vengeful ghost controlling a horde of zombies possesses Sarah’s mother. Evil suddenly has a familiar face.

So then, here’s a movie that looked somewhat promising on the outset—a British horror flick that’s set in a low-rent block tower, featuring weird supernatural happenings, and then zombies. Nothing innovative, sure, but it sounded like a nifty romp. Even the inclusion of one Jason Mewes didn’t deter me. He’s a decent enough actor. And really, this movie did have possibilities, and the actors and story were good enough. It’s just that the execution itself makes the first two thirds or so seem like more of a cheesy soap opera, with the main character being the abused teenager on her own, with the mother an over-the-top Cruella DeVille type evil wench, and your typical band of neighbors in the apartment units; the only thing keeping this from being your low-grade British soap opera are the scenes involving a dead lady in a room watching the apartment tenants and affecting weirdness on them somehow. And then Jason Mewes shows up as a homeless squatter. At least he doesn’t try to effect a fake British accent here; although they do go out of their way to explain why he has an American accent. Anyway, even more wackiness ensues when the inevitable zombie rising happens, and the whole thing ends on a rather blood-splatty note. Eh.

Overly soapy acting, convoluted plotline, with some admittedly decent effects, Devil’s Tower isn’t terrible per-se, it just seems like a failed attempt at a soap opera that had some wacky supernatural bits thrown in as a salvage attempt. Worth a rental for an entertaining bad movie night.