Pure Metal / Star Song

Hey, don’t throw this baby out with the bath water. Ratt was one of my favorite metal bands back in high school, and the uncanny resemblance Whitecross has with said band is still the reason why I have the older Whitecross CDs in my collection.

This was another evangelical-based metal band from the mid-1980s, the era when groups wore the tag Christian Metal like a badge. Though ‘Whitecross’ does suffer a bit from first album syndrome (where the full potential isn’t really realized yet until later releases, something you can only pinpoint in retrospect), there are a few good cuts on this CD: “Who Will Follow”, “Enough Is Enough”, “He Is The Rock”, “No Way I’m Going Down” and “Signs Of The End”.

As far as I know, this wasn’t released onto CD until Star Song acquired Pure Metal in 1990, and even now is hard to find in that format. Collectors, take note. Old school fans of Ratt, Kix and Britany Fox should check this out.