virgin black - requiem mezzo forte
Requiem: Mezzo Forte
The End Records

Virgin Black is one of those few bands that can equal — and sometimes surpass — Saviour Machine in sheer epicness. It’s rather hard to describe musically; usually I tell people they’re “dark”. Which is a woefully inadequate term, I know. They weave elements of goth, metal, doom, classical and ambient into something that, quite frankly, is something that needs to be experienced rather than described. Vampire Music comes close, but even that conjures up preconceived notions that aren’t entirely accurate.

Anyhoo, Virgin Black’s first entry into what’s been referred to as the “Requiem Trilogy”, Mezzo Forte is…well, the word “brilliant” keeps popping into my head. A bit more on the symphonic side; dark, brooding strings with melancholy male vocals and haunting female vocals, Mezzo Forte bleeds dark atmosphere. I know I’ve used the description before with Virgin Black’s output, but…this CD begs to be played in utter darkness, in the dead of night. Candles factor in there somewhere, too.

What more can I say? If you love the darker stuff, Requiem: Mezzo Forte is the way to go.