virgin black - sombre romantic
Sombre Romantic
The End Records

After making quite the impression on the Falling On Deaf Ears Australian Metal Compilation, Aussie group Virgin Black self-released a full-length CD that is nothing short of a masterpiece.

I’ve seen reviews of this album tagging the sound as “gothic metal”, “black metal”, “vampire metal” and others. Truth is, it’s hard to put Virgin Black into just one category. For me, a good frame of reference would be to imagine Saviour Machine collaborating with Cradle Of Filth. That’s a good start, methinks.

The music is dark, atmospheric, brooding, beautiful and scary. The best way to get the full effect is to listen to this disc past midnight inside a drafty, 19th century mausoleum, lit with candles while sipping red wine. You got the idea. For fans of Saviour Machine who desire a little more bite to their music. One of your Uncle NecRo’s personal favorites. Highly recommended…