Q + A with Sebat

Uncle NecRo here. Back in 2006, I was able to finagle an interview with Sebat from one of my favorite extreme metal bands, Frost Like Ashes. Cool guys, all of them, as I met and chatted with them when they played Omaha back on St. Pattie’s Day ’06. Anyhoo, here’s the interview that was origionally done, via e-mail…enjoy…

[my questions are in bold, ’cause that’s the way I roll, dawg]

First of all, mucho thanks to making shirts available in my size (3xl). Really shows you care…

Well we have a couple big men in this band, so we understand why they are so needed, and how rare big shirts really are.

Starting off, let’s go with a brief history of Frost Like Ashes, and how you got to this point…

Ok, Uh, Frost Like Ashes was an idea, then it became a reality, we have had a couple drummers and bassists, but the same vocalist and guitarist, we added a keyboard player and we became commercial giants… uh I mean we sounded better. We have one CDEP out called “Pure As the Blood Covered Snow” that is out of print and sold out, we have one full length entitled “Tophet” out, it is still in print but barely, were working on getting it re-released. We just put out a new DVD entitled “Live in Omaha” that is limited to 100 copies and almost sold out. We just got thru tracking a song for a Tribute to Johnny Cash/ the man in black entitled “when the man comes around” it sounds great and its going to be great to see peoples reactions to our version. We are currently recording 8 songs for an album entitled “Covered in Frost” we will be covering some Christian rock classics on this one, such as Petra and Saint, there are also a couple originals to be included on this one too. We are also currently writing a concept album dealing with the end times, I believe it is too be called “Gods of the Great Whore” and is going to be a crazy album, were definitely pushing our musical boundaries on this one.

Who are the current members, and what are their functions?

Adonijah – Drums and some keys, Azahel – Vocals, Qoheleth – Keys, Ruach – Bass, Sebat – Guitars

What bands / artists inspire the sound of Frost Like Ashes?

Kreator, Carcass, Extol, Cradle of Filth, and Dimmu Borgir to name a few.

With the predominant popular metal styles being more on the hybrid metal and metalcore veins, what led to Frost Like Ashes adopting more of a Euro-thrash and black metal sound?

We set out to play a certain style, being black metal, and ended up coming up with our sound. I cannot seem to get rid of the thrash influence, and honestly I enjoy that dynamic so much that its here to stay.

What’s the metal scene like in Kansas City and the surrounding areas?

Seems to be a core scene pretty much here in KC, well unless your Dimmu or Cannibal Corpse then there is a draw. Otherwise the only time we have people at our shows is all age gigs. I am married with a daughter and find myself out at clubs about once a year, so I honestly do not know how the local scene is.

Considering there were a few, let’s just say, roadbumps leading up to the release of both Pure As The Blood Covered Snow and Tophet, would you still be seeking labels for future releases, or will FLA remain an indie band for the foreseeable future?

Absolutely we would work with the right label, we may of upped the ante a bit on what its going to take for us to sign with someone, but honestly we want better exposure for the music and would work to see that happen properly. Though the money of being an indie band is wonderful, we make close to ten grand a release when we do it ourselves, well if all goes smooth that is. Dealing with distro’s is tough on a band though, and having someone who keeps track of stuff and gets people to pay their bills is well worth not making as much money some days.

That time you played the short but sweet set in Omaha on St. Pattie’s Day 2006, I thought it to be a very tight, very intense experience. Have you been able to play out a lot, and what has the general response been to FLA by metal fans?

Sadly live shows have not been a mainstay of the FLA lifestyle, but our current living situations for this line up make it tough, our singer resides in North Dakota at this time and our keyboardist lives in Omaha, so in order for us to play a one off show we need to make a minimum of 600 bucks or so to make it worthwhile, and since asking that type of money seems a crime for such a small band we don’t really do it much.

Talk about the DVD…

The DVD is that show in Omaha on St Patty’s day 2005, one handheld camcorder and a crazy fun night. We played pretty well that night, and the sound turned out nice, and the show looked pretty good.

Schrödinger’s cat- alive or dead?


Not that I’m being biased or anything (*cough cough*), but Pure As The Blood Covered Snow was a fantastic ep. Then Tophet came out, and blew that one out of the water, with its intensity, atmosphere and top-notch production. Is it safe to assume that we can expect bigger and better things from the band?

The difference between Pure As and Tophet are simple, Pure as we paid an engineer, thus we watched the clock and let things slide, while with Tophet we owned our own studio and spent the time getting sounds right. Of course Tophet wasn’t perfect, but man I am sure happy with it for my first engineering project for FLA! Now we no longer have that studio set up and have upgraded to a Pro Tools set up, so we should get a better sound on this, I am still going to use an amp modeler and were using the same Roland for the drums, but we have changed some things and overall I am much happier with what were getting this time around.

What are your thoughts on the metal communities at large, both the so-called “Christian metal” and non-Christian metal tribes? And do you experience any kind of resistance from either sect?

Resistance? Absolutely from everyone, well not our fans, but seriously people just hate us sometimes and that’s the way it is! The whole “you wear paint so you must worship satan” thing just gets old. Both Satanists and Christians have spouted this filth, and it amazes me how they both think so absolutely the same, let me explain something, the day that Satan and God agree on anything is the day we have a problem. They do not agree, ever, it is impossible, so it strikes me weird that people are so superstitious about things.

Now about the scenes, the Christian scene is weird, small enough that it has become quirky and odd. I can honestly say I do not want to fit into it as it is; I want to see it grow, mature and spread in a Godly way. Of course I don’t really know what that will take to happen, so I just continue on and pray I am of some value at some time or another. Now the Secular scene, I fit in fine, some people hate me, but there have always been those kind of people and I really never have cared.

What are some of the best shows FLA has played? And the worst?

Our worst show was when we opened for a local band called Descension, absolutely no one came that night, and the drummer for the opening band got naked and honestly that’s the last thing I ever wanted to see. Now a couple good shows we have played, well we played a going away party for a girl who was joining YWAM and we had the entire place pray with her, it was a blessing to be a part of that. We played a coffee shop one night and after the show we prayed with a cat about his health, he seemed really blessed and it was a cool thing for me. That night in Omaha we spent some time talking with some Satanists after the show, so it was well worth the effort. When we opened for Crimson Moonlight it was awesome!!!!

Any final words of wisdom or shameless plugging you’d like to make?

Buy our DVD! Oh yeah, also SEEK The LORD, for seriously the time maybe short, and we need to be ready! Also I ask that anyone who would, please pray for me to grow as a believer!

[originally published in SATIC ‘ZINE in Summer 2006]