Dorm Of The DeadStratosphere Entertainment

Oh, boy, was this a horrible film to have to sit through. It was only an hour and seventeen minutes, and it still felt like an eternity. Look, I’m no stranger to the whole shot-on-video, no-budget and no-talent horror movies. They hold a special place in my darkened heart, really. But Dorm Of The Dead is such a badly executed derivative piece of dreck that I found myself cringing much, much more than giggling at any unintentional humor this may have given me. If you must know about the plot itself, it follows a college professor that develops a zombie serum to deal with a student he was having an affair with, and then things get out of control. This is as far as I’m willing to go, lest I once again go into convulsions from the flashback memories that ensue.

Horrible non-acting, less-than-amateur-level filming and editing, a story that has more padding than Weird Al’s costume in the “Fat” video, and nudity so gratuitous you would almost suspect some kind of ulterior¬†motive to making a zombie flick in the first place.

There. I watched the movie. Now you don’t have to. Pass this one up.