pale horse - until the last seal is opened
Until The Last Seal Is Opened…
Bombworks Records

Pale Horse was (or perhaps “is”, depending on whether or not they still exist after announcing their regrouping back in 2004…they haven’t done much after that is what I’m trying to say here) a death metal band from the late 1980s and early 1990s that garnished a lot of buzz from the metal underground due to their three now rare and much sought after cassette-only demos. And, as is the case for me more often than not, I had never heard of them until just a few years ago, when I was perusing Bombworks’ website. I noticed that this CD was available from CD Baby (one of the primary resources I use for purchasing my METAL), and only going on the fact that Pale Horse was described as “old school death metal”, and that Until The Last Seal Is Opened… was a collection of their rare demos on one disc, I snagged this thing. You better believe it.

Without going into too much detail as to the history of the band itself, or the three demos collected on this disc (really, that would be just enabling you to not do your own research like I did), I can tell you that, after spinning this thing more than just a few times, the music on Until The Last Seal Is Opened is very decent death metal with a kind of doomy leaning. Low-ended and brutal, with your typical death metal growls, which draws comparisons to Exhumed Of The Earth-era Paramaecium.

Essentially, Until The Last Seal Is Opened is a very decent disc of death metal that’s doomy and well-played. It’s always good to discover some rare death metal that I may have missed because I was so late getting into brutal Christian metal at the time, and with the exception of the last two tracks, which are unmixed low-quality versions of “Bitter Fruits Of Temptation” and “Resurrectionist ’94” and personally are skip-worthy, this is a pretty solid death metal CD.