poems of shadows - nocturnal blasphemous chanting

Nocturnal Blasphemous Chanthing

To start off: No, that wasn’t a typo on my part. The title of the CD is actually printed as Chanthing. I’m pretty sure it was meant to say Chanting, but I have to print them as I see them. That’s the stark and harsh reality of music reviews, folks. It ain’t pretty. Eh, I knew the risks when I took on this obsession of mine back in ’92…

Poems Of Shadows is a Brazilian band that plays a very distinct brand of Scandinavian black metal that’s harsh, brutal, dark and scary, and most definitely old school. There are no keyboards or clean vocals alongside the shrieks, only the scorching guitars, the blastbeats of the drums, and the unearthly shrieks of the vocals, giving comparisons to Burzum, Mayhem, early Bathory, and of course Horde. I’m pretty sure that Horde was a big influence on the band, as evident not only by the sound but by song titles as “Nocturnal Blasphemous Chanting”, “Covenant Chalice Of Blood”, and “Behold, The Rising Of The Scarlat Moon” (again, not a typo on my part there).

Lyrically, as you may have guessed, Poems Of Shadows wears the Holy Unblack badge proudly, taking dark Christian imagery to paint a picture of Satan’s defeat at the hands of Jesus Christ.

I got my copy of Nocturnal Blasphemous Chanthing for $8, and clocking in at nearly 50 minutes, you get your money’s worth for your black metal fix, and then some. Also, this is an enhanced CD, which includes photos, lyrics, videos, testimonials, band bio and stuff. All for under ten bucks (minus shipping and handling). Recommended…